In this article, you will find the most important information on travel, immigration, living in New Zealand, New Zealand visa types and asylum procedures in New Zealand

Some young people have the dream of going to New Zealand either to study or work, others do not have the idea of ​​traveling to New Zealand and maybe not know what New Zealand is from the basics. And for you, did you think about traveling, immigrating and living in New Zealand? new zealand pr visa

 What would you like to know about New Zealand State?

New Zealand The best countries for immigration are from the continent of Australia. New zealand passport visa free countries, located in the Pacific Ocean and specifically in the southwest of it, consists of two large islands, the first one on the North Island and the other on the South Island, with a number of small islands.

According to the latest statistics for 2004, the population of New Zealand is 4,737,442, the majority of whom are from European countries, the best country for immigration and employment.

The capital of the New Zealand state is Wellington, but its official currency is the dollar.

The official language of New Zealand is English and Maori, new zealand open work visa.

It is one of the most advanced countries in the field of education, technology and industry.

New Zealand and Denmark are the least corrupt countries in the world.

The North Island in the New Zealand state contains deserts, volcanoes and tropical beaches.

The southern island contains areas of mountains, areas of green plains, and also glaciers, life in New Zealand

It is known as the city of nature, which is rich in flora and fauna and is threatened with extinction, and its climate is wet throughout the year.

In addition to the above, you can learn from New Zealand that it is also one of the most attractive countries for immigrants because of its high standard of living and quiet life, which made many people want to travel to New Zealand.

But there are things you should have before thinking about immigration to New Zealand, as follows:

 Must be taken into account before immigration to New Zealand

Collect the right information about migration routes to New Zealand, immigration visa, and be careful not to be exposed by those who exploit the desire of young people to migrate and sell them the illusion.
Set the goal of your migration to New Zealand is the multiple migration routes.
You must have the skills, qualifications and experience that make living in New Zealand.
You must be a fluent English speaker, immigrating to New Zealand free of charge.
Agra medical examinations before traveling to New Zealand New zealand, immigration policy.
Certificate of good conduct and conduct for those above the age of 17 years.
These conditions must be met before traveling and living in New Zealand, new zealand immigration
طرق Immigration routes to New Zealand.
In the beginning and before traveling, you must determine your goal of travel and immigration. There are many ways to travel, immigrate and live in New Zealand, such as study, work, or even reunification, and here are the ways of immigration, new zealand immigration application.

How to migrate to New Zealand to study.

One of the good ways to travel and immigrate to New Zealand is to study, but you need to pay a fee for the university you will attend, and provide some papers, including admission to the university, pharmacists’ migration to New Zealand. Visa study easier.

Visa application form.

2 recent photos.

Passport for one year.
Admission permit from university, papers required for immigration.
Bank account to ensure living in New Zealand.
Health report free of diseases.
Proof of the absence of the migrant register of crimes.
Benefits of issuing a study visa to New Zealand.

Completion of the study and obtaining a certificate from a universally recognized university.
During the study, you can look for work to help you live in New Zealand.
You can also resort to New Zealand through Visa Study.

Resort and Immigration to New Zealand via Visa Tourism.

Visa Tourism is a way of asylum and immigration. You have to go to New Zealand to New Zealand, but getting a visa is difficult, unless you work illegally, but you can travel to New Zealand via Visa Tourism and apply for asylum in New Zealand. .

 Immigration to New Zealand by attending a conference.

The invitation to attend a conference or training is an appropriate opportunity to get a job and stay in New Zealand, investors migrate to New Zealand and this before the end of the conference or training, and often use this method of asylum in New Zealand.

Immigration to New Zealand via reunion.

This is the easiest way to travel and live in New Zealand, a family reunion, but the New Zealand family must be a close relative of the traveler, such as the husband, wife, children, siblings, father and mother.

 Immigration and asylum conditions in New Zealand.

Submit an application for asylum only by entering the New Zealand State either by submitting it to airport officials or by handing yourself over to the nearest police station to be treated and sent to the refugee camp.
You must provide a compelling reason that has invited you to asylum in New Zealand such as fear for your life if you return to your country, killing, violence, politics, etc.
After being satisfied with your application for asylum in the New Zealand state, the application is accepted or rejected.
If your application is rejected, you must appeal against the rejection.
New Zealand visa types.
Migrant labor:
It is for those with qualifications and also professionals.

Visa Investor: –
Which are available to the owners of funds and want to invest their money in New Zealand.

Visa Trade: –
Who wish to do their own business in New Zealand.

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