Florida is an attractive tourist town, Florida attracts about 100 million visitors every year. This phenomenal figure does not come from a vacuum, but because it has many attractions such as the Disney world as well as the sun. Florida tourism is a wonderful decision for a distinctive holiday. In general Florida has sunny weather and beautiful beaches and Florida is divided into several wonderful areas and is generally a favorite place for Americans, especially the elderly.


Located in the far south-east of the United States of America.


A warm tropical equinox between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico has been hit by several powerful hurricanes.


About 20 and a half million people.


About 170,304 square kilometers Florida is divided into 67 counties.

6 cities to attract tourism in Florida
1-City of Orlando “Central Florida”

Orlando (Disney World Castle) is located in the middle of Florida where lots of fun. It has many parks, Universal Studios and Adventure Islands, the first entertainment city in the United States of America, a state economic center, as well as electronics factories. The Orlando resort consists of two gardens with many attractions such as restaurants and a walk-in area with three hotels.

The Disney World Walt Disney World is located on a lake near Buena Vista and is of course the most popular and attractive tourist destination in Florida. It is made up of four Magic Kingdom Gardens, Ecket, Disney World Studios (Hollywood), Animal Disney in the Kingdom, and while some see Walt Disney World as a piece of global fun, magic and fantasy, others see it as a crowded and full of vulgarity.

2. Tampa, Southwest Florida

The stunning city of Tampa, with beautiful beaches and beautiful white sand, sees the beauty of the sea, where there is no great waves, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea. Birds migrate in the winter to escape the snow to Florida and see that beautiful scenery. The city also has golf courses.

3. Jacksonville, Northeast Florida

Jacksonville has beautiful beaches, Florida’s most populous province, and the old Spanish castle.

Pensacola City

Is one of the most important cities of Florida and the oldest and enjoy the beaches wonderful and wonderful and this is the most important feature, although it does not attract many tourists, but it is wonderful and advise you that you intend to visit in a season other than the summer Vahtss of the storms and observed the weather well before the visit.

5. Miami, South Florida

Miami is a fascinating and charming area located in the southeast of Florida and is concerned with Arabic (“Magic City”). The city was founded in 1825 AD and has a very large population and is an important economic and cultural center in the country. It is the richest American city and was classified as a US city by Foris magazine in 2008. Most of the population of Miami, about 67% speak Spanish and about 25% speak English and the rest speak English Other. The beaches of the city feature stunning beauty and charming turquoise waters. It is one of the most visited cities in Florida.

6- Florida Keys

It is a long chain of tropical coral islands 120 miles long, about 290 square kilometers. Located in the southern tip of Florida Island connected to the mainland by a series of bridges.

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