Belgium is a country in the continent of Europe. It is one of the founding countries of the European Union, and the acquisition of Belgian citizenship is a matter of patience due to the advantages of Belgian citizenship.

Belgian nationality is one of the most powerful in the world.

1. The most important characteristics of obtaining Belgian citizenship for 2019.

Living and working in the State of Belgium is fun while waiting for Belgian citizenship. The advantages of obtaining Belgian citizenship are as follows:

Freedom of movement among European countries.
The move between European countries does not require citizenship in Belgium, but permanent residence is sufficient, but obtaining citizenship makes movement more freely among European countries, as well as mobility between the Schengen freely without the need for a visa.
Freedom to work in Belgium anywhere you want.
After obtaining Belgian citizenship, you can work in any region within Belgium, and not be bound by one place or employer, and you can choose the job that suits you in full freedom Belgian nationality.
The most desirable occupations in Belgium are:
Project Managers.
the teachers.
sales representatives.
Information and communication technology services.
Sales and marketing.
Drivers and trucks light and heavy.
Electrical Engineers.
Workers in the field of carpentry, plumbing and construction.
Access to social welfare benefits.
After obtaining Belgian citizenship you get a social welfare benefit.
Where the Belgian state provides social welfare is one of the best care in the world.
Right to education in Belgium.
One of the most important features obtained by the mere acquisition of citizenship in Belgium is the right to education, which is one of the best education in Europe and the world.
Stay outside Belgium for longer periods.
After you have obtained Belgian citizenship, you can stay outside of Belgium for long periods, unlike the permanent residence in Belgium if you have been living outside Belgium for two consecutive years and have been granted citizenship. There is no need to worry about this point Accommodation in Belgium.
Get your Belgian passport.
The Belgian passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world for 2019, where you can travel to any country freely.
Voting in elections after obtaining Belgian citizenship.
You feel the right of citizenship and citizen within the country Belgium, and urge to choose who speaks on your behalf at the state level.
Creation of trade unions and associations.
After obtaining Belgian citizenship, you get the advantage of establishing and managing trade unions and associations which are difficult in other countries.
Live in Belgium.
One of the most important features of Belgian nationality is living in Belgium, which gives a safer and more stable environment, a clean home, no fear of expressing opinion, convenient transportation and other features of living in Belgium.
Access to social assistance in Belgium.
Getting Belgian citizenship can get social assistance, which is not the best choice. You can make your own world work and not rely on aid.

2. Duration of Belgian citizenship.

Any person who is an immigrant to Belgium can obtain Belgian citizenship after a five-year stay in Belgium and travel to Belgium legally.

3. Does the State of Belgium permit dual nationality?

After the last amendments to the Belgian Citizenship Act of 2018-2019, Belgian law decided to allow dual citizenship, so that the person may retain his or her nationality alongside the Belgian nationality.

4 – to obtain Belgian citizenship through the passport.

Any person who is an immigrant to Belgium can obtain Belgian citizenship through marriage, but with several conditions:
The age of marriage in Belgium is not less than 18 years.
Marriage shall not be for the purpose of the interest, namely, the acquisition of nationality, but marriage for the purpose of marriage.
Marriage must be voluntary and not forced.
Marriage law in Belgium does not allow polygamy.

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