Shangri-la Hotel Dubai celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival of China


Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, has announced the introduction of moon cakes, menus and light-colored lanterns as part of its participation in the Mid-Autumn Festival of China on September 24.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. The tradition dates back more than 3,500 years, celebrating the end of the autumn harvest and celebrating people meeting with family and friends, celebrating the moon and sharing mooncakes.

The moon cakes are made from thin paste stuffed with red beans, vegetables or fruit, reflecting the importance of social work and integration.

To celebrate the occasion, Zwarchang Palace, the Chinese restaurant in Shangri-La’s international chain, can purchase moon cakes and enjoy a special menu from September 24 to September 31 at a cost of AED 198 per person. Guests can take traditional dishes such as Dim Sum and duck dips with warm soy sauce and celery Mutton and veal with mushrooms and asparagus.

The boxes of the moon cakes are available at a cost of AED 288 for a box containing 4 pieces and AED 318 for a 6-piece box with delivery. The flavors available include white bean red beans, red beans, lotus and green tea flavor.

Shangri-La Resorts and Hotels, based in Hong Kong, owns and operates more than 100 Shangri-La hotels with a total of 41,000 rooms.

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