7 Expert tips to get the best online travel booking price


Ready for a vacation ?! Then you would probably start planning every day of it to have the best experience and come back with the lifetime memories, in this article we are tackling one of the most challenging and expensive steps in the whole vacation process which is booking your flight.

Your flight ticket price is so important that it usually costs half or more of your whole budget for the holiday.

Some people say that every seat even in the same flight has a different price, this fact reveals the large number of factors interfering with the price of your ticket as the flight agency, destination, season, airports and even the day week you are traveling in.

We are going to discuss expert tips to manipulate these factors so that you get the best online travel booking price value, comfort, and quality in your flight.


1.Compare between all carriers

If you want to find the cheapest online flight you should work hard to check every price offer from each carrier. This can be very difficult as there are endless options and you usually do not know about all available carriers, only the famous ones. There are various online search engines for this mission that will do the job for you.

 Best online travel booking sites

-Skyscanner: One of the most famous engines and the easiest to use. It can help you find the cheapest flights and dates, it can even recommend affordable destinations within a budget.


matrix.itasoftware.com: Smart engine developed by MIT back in 90’s but still one of the best available.



-Airfarewatchdog.com is a website where real people check manually for best deals and sent them to your mail and you can specify the search for certain destinations and months.

Take your time looking through these sites and don’t rush and book the first fare you see, you can use these sites to get a general idea about the cheapest airline travelling your route then you can head to the airline website directly and look for even more discounts on their sites as some carriers offer cheaper flights exclusively when you book through their site. Most of the mentioned websites have alert feature to notify you when a cheaper offer appears on your flight.

An extra tip is to follow social media accounts of different airlines, they often advertise their offers on them to encourage customer engagement with the brand.


2.Early VS Late

Booking your ticket before enough time of the trip is crucial and will usually save you money. If you are traveling during a peak period prices are a lot higher as you approach the season, so the earlier you book the more you save.  You should be book international flights  3 to 6 months in advance for the best bargain.

Local flights can be searched 3 months for the earliest and 18 days before the flight for the latest. Some studies showed that the best price bargain appears at 6 weeks before the flight.

In some cases booking, last minute flights can be very money-saving as there are great offers before the flight immediately when the company fails to fill the plane, especially to uncrowded destinations.

Great last minute reservations can be found on lastminutetravel.com.

You should have a great flexibility in dates and airports as you can not guarantee that you get what you want every time.


3.Take the decision at the right time

After browsing through these many engines you might be stuck for a long time before you decide to buy the ticket. A great tool is Kayak.com which shows you the expected price of your flight so you can decide to buy now or to wait for a while.

Other agencies such as Orbitz.com guarantees to refund if you find a cheaper price on other websites.

Some airline policies will refund you if the fares go down after you buy your ticket. So if this happens to you try asking for a refund you won’t usually get it but it is worth the try.

4.Try to get a discount

If you travel frequently, you have probably gathered a decent amount of miles. They are redeemable as you get a discount on your next flight or even a free flight according to the distance covered. Keep track of your miles by signing up for a frequent flier card on your favorite airline.

If you are a student some websites focus on finding discounted flights for students at statravel.com

Air passes are great options when you are traveling repeatedly in a country or a region, they are offered at reduced prices to encourage tourism at those areas.


5.Choose the right preferences

The cheaper flights have generally less attractive conditions for the customers.

Such as mid-week trips and late night flights, if you have the flexibility to chose the departure day so Wednesday is your best choice then Tuesday and Saturday. The most crowded and expensive day of the week is Friday especially if you want to leave after work.

Through the same day, prices vary too as the cheapest flights are the late night and early morning ones. Generally the later you stay through the day the more you will have to pay.

If you can go without a meal flight and spare some of the leg room you can choose the economy classes to save a great amount of money, obviously.


6.Use smaller carriers

Usually, the most trusted agencies and worldwide famous airline are more likely to get your reservation, but a lot of small budget carriers are uprising those days and they can offer cheaper prices so you might give them a try. You have to check all about the company before reservations and see others opinion and make sure you are ok with their terms.


7.Into smaller pieces

Usually, the multi-stop trips which involve multiple layover flights are a lot cheaper than direct single flight trip, as direct flights are highly demanded hence more expensive,  this way is more exhausting and time-consuming but it can save you a great sum of money.

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