London’s top travel sights and tips

Visiting the English capital is a kind of trip that happens once in a lifetime. The city of fog is not only a leading tourist attraction but also it has been a long time in the memory of humanity as a scene of all time novels as Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist. This historic glory goes side by side with modern architecture and entertainment everywhere in the city.

We will provide you with a guide for the best attractions in the city that is worth your time and money.


The  top travel sights in London

1-Buckingham Palace

The most iconic building in the whole country. The palace built in 1837 is the residence of royal family. The queen actually lives in the palace for most of the times. On special occasions, she and other royal family members may even appear on the central balcony and greet the visitors.

A great scene to see there is the Changing of the Guards it happens every day at 11.30 am.They march at St James Palace accompanied by music where you can follow them along with The Mall.


2.Big Ben

The most iconic scene of London and its landmark where the 97-meter tower stands including the giant clock and its bell.

The tolling of the bell is known internationally as the time mark for BBC radio.

Below the tower is the Houses of the Parliament along the coast of Thames river. The house has been the headquarters of the British government for centuries.

The tour inside the building allows you to witness live debates and political discussions.

Near the Parliament Square, the Whitehall is lined by all government buildings that the Whitehall’s name is equal to The  British government now.


3.The British Museum

One of the finest museums worldwide, with 13 million pieces in its halls it offers endless options of antiques and ancient artifacts.

The most important pieces in the museum are those related to ancient Egypt as the Rosetta Stone, Ramses II’s colossal bust, and many Egyptian mummies. It also has the famous Elgin Marbles coming from the Parthenon, the hoard of 4th century known as the Mildenhall Treasure.

Don’t think that you can get all of the museum in a single visit as it still accuses artifacts from China, Europe, Assyria, Babylonia so you will get tired but you will also be fascinated by its greatness


4.Hyde Park


The largest and oldest open space in London. In the area of 350 acres, it has been serving since 1635 as a visitor’s sightseeing destination.

It contains a lot of interesting and historic spots as Asley House the former residence of the first Duke of Wellington, which he purchased after his famous victory at Waterloo. The great thing that it is now a museum which displays the Duke’s marvelous collection of painting, gifts from European kings.


5.Tower of London and Tower Bridge


One of the most iconic English structures. It played many roles since it was built down the centuries. At first, it was a prison then a palace, a treasure vault, at last, a private zoo, this transitions ended now being an important tourist attraction especially for those interested in English history.

In addition to its amazing architecture, it has also witnessed dozens of England’s history.

At first, it was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror, it includes the whole line of 17th-century line of kings with their magnificent royal armor. Another great attraction is the famous Crown Jewels exhibitions.

Other famous exhibitions also as the Royal mint l and the Beefeaters.

The Tower bridge which is adjacent to the palace, has two huge famous towers rising 61 meters along the River Thames.

For the best experience purchase the tickets of Tower of London entrance online in advance to save the  long lines especially on crowded summers.

This ticket also includes visiting the Crown Jewels exhibit and Beefeater Tour.


 Some top tips

 These are to squeeze the best out of your trip with less money and cheaper alternatives that are really fun even more than pricey ones.

1- Buy a Visitor Oyster card

This is the most money saving way in London to travel cheaply in the public transport system. It saves more than 50% on buying single tickets. Your journeys get discounted and with a maximum daily expenditure and after that the rest of the day’s travel is free.

The card also holds some offers and discounts on food and drinks.


You can also buy a London Pass ticket which free entry to more than 60 London attractions as the Tower of London and London bridge.


If you will see a few attractions and do not need the pass buy the tickets online in advance, this will save you hours of waiting in lines and they are usually 10% cheaper.

2-Cheaper airport

Flying to London’s Heathrow airport is fairly expensive, as one of the most crowded airports ever. Some airlines offer to fly to other nearby airports as the Stansted airport for a cheaper ticket.

This will cost you an hour more of a train traveling before reaching the city center, but it will save you a fair amount of money.


3.Free Museums

London is a city heavily loaded with muses and cultural heritage from all over the world, luckily most of these museums are free. You can enjoy in the Natural History Museum, The Science Museum, The British Museum and much more for free.

Other free attractions include Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath and Changing the Guards at Buckingham Palace.


4.Don’t tip

London is usually expensive so you do not want to spend any more on tipping.

Most Londoners don’t tip so it is not essential to tip in a restaurant, bar or even a cab if you do tip it is much appreciated.


5.Cheap food.

You need to have affordable food as to save money on accommodation, tickets, and transport. Cheap food in London is everywhere starting from chain restaurants, cafes, and buffets. Some supermarkets even sell pre-made sandwiches. The food trucks are everywhere in the city where you can buy food and dine in courtyards, gardens, and parks.


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