Immigration to America USA is a dream aspired to many, the reasons why a person wants to migrate to America, which will make us touch on: –
I emigrate to America: –

For travel and immigration to America you must know what types of visas to America and choose what suits you and they are as follows:

Immigration to America through reunion.
Immigration to America to study.
Immigration to America for work or training (
Visit to America Tourism (B-visa).
Immigration to America for investment (E. visa).
Immigration to America for marriage (K. visa).
Immigration to America to manage a foreign company in the United States (L.VISA).
Who can request family reunification in America?
A person who has entered the United States through family reunification can obtain permanent residence within a very short time of entry into the United States.
But who can apply for family reunion ?, Details: –

For green card holders. Green Card

They are persons who have entered the United States by lottery and get a green card, they can request reunion for first-degree relatives spouse and children of all ages unless they are married.
The application will be considered and approved and will be transferred to the National Visa Center. The applicant must wait for a number of years, up to 5 years, for children who have not reached the age of 21, or over the age of 8 years depending on the role.
What is Green Card? Green Card.
Is the card that is given to people through the program of random migration, and has come from countries with low migration rate to the United States of America, the program is implemented through the US Department of State, and the selection of applicants and the selection of winners by computer.

American citizens: –

The second type of person who can request family reunification is the US citizen, who is more fortunate, where he can reunite his relatives from the mother’s father. The wife is under 21 years of age and the visa takes only a few days without waiting for the role.
The naturalized person can also be reunited with other relatives:
Married children.
And their wives.
And their minor descendants.
But they have to wait up to 8 years.
The naturalization can also be combined with siblings, siblings, wives and children under the age of 21, but their waiting period may be as long as 11 years.

Student asylum in America: –


A US asylum seeker can only resort to political or humanitarian asylum through MOI or SiV to apply for family unification:
Husband or wife.
Sons, wives and children less than 21 years old and unmarried.
Brothers and sisters, their wives, their spouses and their children are less than 21 years old and unmarried.
All of the foregoing is entitled to benefit from the family reunification of the asylum seeker through ION.
Types of family reunification in America.
The request for family reunification in America is divided into the following sections:
Section I: – The reunion between husband and wife, one of them is naturalized.
It is the easiest to obtain the visa in a short period of not more than 12 months, and can also be addressed to one of the addresses or one of the naturalized to benefit from this request.
The second type: – The reunification between husband and wife, one resident only and not a US citizen: – This section is divided into the following:
A couple is reunited, one of whom is a resident, and the marriage took place before obtaining residence.
Provided that he is a refugee resident, a resident of Green Card, or a SIV, and a family reunification application has also been submitted within a period of not less than two years from the date of residence.

A family reunion, one of whom was a resident, and the marriage was done after the stay:

This means that the resident after receiving the US residence went to marry outside of America and then returned to the request for family reunification, and this is the most difficult cases because it takes 3 to 5 years to obtain a visa.
Papers required to apply for family reunification in America.
Check for $ 420 dollars.
Fill in the form by the applicant.
Picture with white background.
Copy of the birth certificate or passport of the applicant.
Copy of marriage contract translator.
New restrictions on family reunification in America.
A decision restricting the legal immigration of family reunification in the United States is limited to couples and minor children only. The Democrats objected to this item because the rate of legal immigration to America is reduced to 26%.

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