The best guide for French travel sights

If you have decided to take that trip to France, then you I will not bother presenting the pros of this great touristic country as you already know it.

In these words, I will give you some tips to have the best vacation in France and in particular the cities of Paris and Marseille and explore the best French travel sights.

France is one of the most visited countries all over the world, so you would better prepare well for it.

Tips for France Holidays

Try planning ahead early and booking your plane tickets, hotel reservations and the museum tickets you would better book them online to save time.

If you know how to speak French then that will be a great help. If you don’t then learning some basic French words is crucial to communicate with people especially in non-tourist areas. In case of you have no time to learn a good phrasebook will be your best friend.

The trip to a foreign country is usually tiring and exhausting. Paris is full of stairs and long streets to walk so the tip here to pack light and have the essentials only to save your back from instant pain through the holiday.

Packing light does not mean to leave the essentials. Don’t forget to pack all your tech gear including chargers, headphones, and adapters. If you have a good camera then this is the perfect time for it. You need to docent every moment in this lifetime trip.

As for cash, you should have a fair amount of euros with you to pay for transport from the airport, do not depend on the exchange offices in the airport as their rates are not the best.

If you are going without a guide, you should have a map, either a real paper one or you download them from google maps.

Always use a checklist to record every item you need to pack before traveling.

Paris attractions and advice

Paris is always a good idea as the famous quote says. Everybody on the planet has fantasized even once about visiting Paris.This explains why it is the most visited city in Europe.The city of light offers a great variety of attractions in a combination of the great history, modern civilization, and eternal classic beauty.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the most of your Paris visit.

1-Stay long enough

Paris is a great city but also it is very big.You will need a more than a day or two to see the real local Paris. The first day or two will probably be lost in crowded streets and long waiting lines.

So, I advise that you spend a week to experience enough French magic.

If you have less time it is better to prioritize and plan every minute ahead to make the most of your trip.


2.Paris is not that expensive

The first thought you get about Paris is that you will spend a lot of money. This is not so true.

The visit cost depends on your budget planning.  A wide range of prices is available in terms of accommodation, food, transportation, and shopping.

3.Stay near the center

Before booking your hotel, try to choose one near the center of the city.

Make sure the transport options are convenient from the hotel to places you are going to visit.

If you are staying for a short time, pick hotels in the city center. Even if it is more expensive as you don’t want to lose your time commuting.

4.Save money

If you are planning to visit many museums, you might be bothered by the pricey tickets.

The Paris Museum Pass saves you about half of the money when you buy it. You also get to skip the waiting lines at the Louvre and Versailles. These lines are very long though.

5.The Eiffel scam

The Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the most important attraction in Paris.

So visiting the tower is the top of any tourist’s bucket list. The truth is rather different than media hype as the surrounding of the tower is very crowded, and it is not as romantic as you think.

Try to climb the stairs behind the Croatian embassy for a romantic spot.

6.The metro is the winner

On exploring different transport options in the city the metro is the most affordable. The problem is it is a bit complicated as there is a lot of lines that go anywhere, but after a while, you will get used to using it.Uber is also very affordable, but the taxis are quite expensive so avoid them.


We will divide the city travel sights to a must go category that you should visit anyway, it’s ok category for great places to see but you won’t miss a lot if you don’t. The last category tells you about the overrated attractions that you would rather save your time and money and don’t go.

Must go

1.Eiffel Tower, The world’s most visited monument. The tickets cost 15€, it is better to book online.

2-The LouvreOne of the world’s  largest museums and contains the famous Mona Lisa.

3.Arc de Triomphe

4.Notre Dame Cathedral

It’s Ok

1-Musée d’Orsay

2-Place de la Concorde



Don’t go

1.The latin quarter

2.Père Lachaise Cemetery


4.Disneyland Paris



One of the oldest cities in France. Marseille had a reputation for crime and seediness. This no longer exists but it gives the city a unique color and dynamic.

The city is full of historic attractions and shopping centers.

Here is a list of the best attractions in Marseille.

1-Notre-Dame de la Garde, a landmark with amazing city view.

2-Old port of Marseille, one of the oldest ports ever it has been in use in 600BC.

3-Chateau d’If, a former prison held on an island resembles a classic fortress.

4-Calanques National Park, a space of eternal beauty in south and east of Marseille. The park is on the coast where you can enjoy the nature and sea.

5-La Corniche, The Mediterranean balcony, just a walk on the coast is a goal. Vallon des Auffes is a great fishing harbor you would like to visit there too.


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