The American Pan Highway runs 19,000 miles to form a vast network of roads linking Prodhoe Bay on the northern coast of Alaska to Ushuaia, which lies in the far south of the world.

This highway passes through 17 countries and provides an unbroken link between the North and the South, with the exception of the Darren gap.

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The gap consists of a large area covered by marshes and beautiful mountain rain-forests, starting from the Yaviza region of Panama and ending in Turbo, Colombia.

Even in the era of high-tech 3RD printing and space tourism, we are still unable to build a road that cuts through Darren to link North and South America.
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The indigenous population of the region is estimated to be only about 2,000 people from Embera, Vanun and Kona, and they use rowing boats on their way. The first car in this area took five months on a spectacular journey by a group of adventurers in 1960. The adventurers were about 200 meters per hour, and adventurous enthusiasts still speak of this journey with respect and find it equally difficult to climb the Himalayas.

There are two national parks in the Daren Gorge, the Darren National Park in Panama, the largest national park in Central America, established in 1980, and the Los Cato’s park in Colombia.

The two parks form an endless green sea, and its beautiful forests rise from the majestic mountains to drift through the clouds of fog in the intractable valleys, and are home to sardani trees, picturesque mahogany and various wild animals.


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