The Coralarium Fair Fair Maldives Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi is the ideal place for scuba divers and art lovers. It features semi-immersed sculptures that disappear and reappear according to the island’s tidal wave, the British Daily Mail reported. .

The Coralarium is opposite the resort’s swimming pool. All visitors need is a short swim from the beach to reach an underwater fantasy world that combines sculptured characters and fascinating marine life together.

The exhibition includes three types of artworks including sculptures placed on the top of the cube and underwater. We also find high-rise sculptures that appear and disappear above water according to the tidal movement.

As for the cube, it extends three meters underwater and six meters above it, built in a way that supports marine life. Marine reefs can grow on the cube, and fish can swim among sculptures.

The resort provides guided guided tours of the marine life to the groups that wish to visit this exhibition. During the night, the whole exhibition is lit up to create a wonderful painting of the island’s beach.

The exhibition was designed by British artist and environmental researcher Jason Dukar Taylor, who was the first artist to invent the idea of ​​underwater art. “I have realized over the years that once we have been immersed in water, it is no longer for us.” Once it is sunk into the sea, it belongs to the sea, marine life and nature to take care of it.The Coralarium is a center of protection, preservation and culture. Dive Reefs “.

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