Top 4 destinations for cheap holidays in 2018

It is the New Year and you are probably looking for a budget cheap holiday.

The general idea of budget  traveling is to enjoy while paying less money to do this you must plan ahead before a long time and it is usually better to travel out of season,  to find some discounts and avoid overcrowded attractions, you can use online travel booking sites  to find the cheapest days to travel, try travelling during midweeks and book your return flight in advance, the more early you do this the more money you save.

If you want to save even more you should be spending less money on food and pricey restaurants. The lunch is the main meal for you to spend but for breakfast, dinner, snacks cook your own food using local shops and supermarkets, this will save you sums of money so you do not eat your cash.

Travelling all the time can be a lifestyle for some people if you travel a lot think of a way to earn money while traveling as a freelance job or an online project where you can continue earning while having fun abroad.

Some people think that traveling on a budget might be unenjoyable and tough but I disagree and you will too after reading this article and using mentioned tips, and now we will discover four of the cheapest holiday destinations in 2018 in the United States.

1-Las Vegas.

I know the article’s title includes the word cheap but you need to know that Vegas can be much affordable than you think. LA includes plenty of worldwide attractions for free as the Bellagio Fountains a famous landmark in Vegas and very satisfying to watch.

Other attractions are really cheap as the Eiffel Tower Experience which costs 14$-19$ per person, It is not the real Paris experience of course but it is still a great tour with 360-degree views of whole Vegas and a marvelous view for the Bellagio Fountains. You need to visit the tower at the half-hour mark so you can enjoy the 460 feet-high streams launching from the fountains.

 The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay is a must visit. It costs 20$ only to watch more than 2000 different 1.6 million gallons of water aquarium. The aquarium includes more than 100 sharks; you can stare at them in the walk through tunnel if you dare to.

The hotel options are uncountable in Vegas but to save more try to travel in midweeks for discounted accommodation. If you stay away from the casino floor and plan your trip carefully, Las Vegas will be affordable as the rest of the states.



Also known as, the golden state. California offers the most beautiful sights and attractions and for cheap prices as well.

The golden state is known to be quite expensive but here are a few tips for a budget cheap holiday and some pretty budget attractions.

-Choose the off-season times of the year as of September to October to lakes or get some deals and avoid the crowds at Mammoth Lakes.

-Cook your own food, if you are staying anywhere with a kitchen it will be very easy to cook fresh vegetables and meat bought from the farmers market scattered through the state.

-Stay outside the big cities, the accommodation in cities like San Francisco can be expensive. Aim for cities like Sunnyvale, Palo Alto that are cheaper allow easy commute to San Francisco.



*The Yosemite Valley the land of spring waterfalls and the place where hundreds of films were shot.

*The golden gate bridge even more popular California attraction where you can spend the whole day on it watching its red beauty and photograph the best moments

– Sequoia National Park don’t miss the world’s largest tree at 11.1 meters at the  General Sherman Tree


3-New York 

The city that never sleeps is probably one of the most expensive places worldwide. The visit to New York City is really worth it, but you do not have to be bankrupt after the holiday. You can get involved in a bunch of free activities and visits such as Central Park. The famous park designed back in the 1860s is filled with events, statues, sites and all for free. The Brooklyn Bridge built in 1813 which still looks like a great classic offers a marvelous view.

Times Square is the heart of NYC and a must see. It was named after The New York Times newspaper. It is a great place to watch people going everywhere and more than a dozen of screens filled with different advertisements. Every day at 11.57 PM-Midnight Moment plays on the screens which is an art display on all the screens simultaneously until midnight.

The Met museum can be a bit expensive at 25$ for a ticket but with 2 million pieces of art it really worth it. The Museum of Modern Art, which displays the finest art all over the world, offers free tours at Fridays from 4.00 to 6.00 pm.



It is considered the combination between the modern attraction and the rich historical heritage. The previous US capital before Washington DC, Independence Hall in Philly witnessed the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution signing.

The city is full of other amazing places to go as Liberty Bell Center it is located opposite to the Independence Hall. The bell that was used to mark historic events and its last time used at 1846 for George Washington’s Birthday.

The Franklin Institute Science Museum, which is great for kids and adults too. You can spend a great time with your kids learning about all science fields from physics to astronomy.

Philadelphia Zoo, the oldest zoo in the US, although its age it has about 2000 animals. There are many activities to entertain you and your family for a long time. The lions, gorillas, tigers, and jaguars are amazing but do not forget to check the Tortoise Trail, Bear Country and The African plains. The zoo is also a top choice location for a picnic with a lot of free space.The ticket is 23$ for adults and 19$ for kids under 11.


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