Best tourist experiences on the Spanish island of Lagomera


Black sand beaches and beaches with crystal water and ancient forests are just a few things you will find on the Spanish island of Lagomera, a beautiful canary island with spectacular natural scenery as well as sunny days throughout the year, Its an island that is an oasis of relaxation.

Access to Lagomera Island
Lagomera Island is located off the northwestern coast of Africa, a mostly mountainous volcanic island, only 30 km from the most popular Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

As there is no international airport in La Gomera, you can reach there by landing in Tenerife and take the ferry on a 50-minute journey. The ferry is safe and comfortable and offers breathtaking views.

Tourist experiences in Lagomera Island
Visit the Garakunay National Park

At the beginning, experts recommend visiting the Garagonae National Park on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This park covers one-third of the island and includes an incomparable collection of fascinating nature sights, including springs and streams and some 2,000 species of flora and fauna.

The park is an ideal destination for nature lovers, reptile enthusiasts, amphibians and birds, and is ideal for long-distance enthusiasts.

Wonderful beaches

With 90 km of coastline, you’ll probably find the traveler relaxing and relaxing on one of the islands’ secluded beaches or bays where the beautiful volcanic black sand beaches will satisfy all tastes of the visitors, although the beaches of the Gran Ree Valley are the most popular and most beautiful according to the views of the visitors.

Watch whales

Other activities you can enjoy in Lagomera Island are watching the dolphin and the whale by sailing on an enjoyable journey. Many of these creatures are usually spotted on the coast, especially from March to May.

Add to this the opportunity to enjoy diving among the most beautiful creatures of the sea between the coast of this island, which includes all the ideal ingredients to delight visitors.

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