We will discuss in this report the best European airlines and how to deal with them, but the beginning of those who do not know or have not dealt with the economic airlines before, it can be said that the airlines offer low-cost flights by reducing the number and quality The concept was developed in Europe in the 1990s, beginning with the establishment of the British EasyJet Company and then the number started to increase until it reached almost one or more economic airlines for all European countries.

The reason for the presence of such companies is the huge increase in the cost of airline tickets. Certainly, the more services the airline offers, the higher the price of the ticket. The idea came to make such companies to be available by air to all people.

And to be a clearer idea for the reader Here are some of the services that these types of lines and provide some services that dispense with the provision in order to reduce the price of the ticket commensurate with the budget of the passenger:

Changing the destination of the landing by replacing the main and luxury airports that provide services at high prices and replace them using secondary airports that provide services at a lower cost.
Disallow the provision of types of luxury services such as food provided either by completely deleting the services or changing the quality provided.
A fixed and consistent weight commitment to the baggage load of the passengers and the imposition of high prices on any excess cargo of any size.

Use the web in the ticketing process and do not hire people to perform this operation. Upon completion of the process, the site sends a message to the person who made the booking, which he has included in his information on the site during the booking process.

The crew working in the plane performs several tasks. It is his duty to provide meals if available to the passengers, organize the exit and entry of passengers from and to the plane, in addition to the cleaning process before and after each trip.

In this type of airline there are no different levels of passengers, ie all passengers travel on the same level.
Tips For Cheapest Travel Ticket:

To be able to travel using European Economic Lines, you need to take into account some instructions that help you get the cheapest prices through them. These instructions are as follows:

Try as much as possible to avoid traveling on weekends. When you book your trip, choose your work days of the week because it is usually less expensive than weekends.
Choose flights that are scheduled in the early morning or late at night.
Travel in spring and fall is usually less expensive than travel in winter and summer.
Try to follow up on the offers of the airline companies, which are frequently repeated and you can get economic flights that may reach the opponent by half.
Avoid booking and traveling during public holidays.
Make reservations before the date you want to travel at least two weeks and the longer the duration, the better you will get the best prices.

When booking, press the option button to change the reservation in case of circumstances, but keep in mind that most airlines and even economic ones will charge extra if you need to change the date or time of the trip.

Most European airlines, especially European ones, do not allow cancellation of their booking for whatever reasons, so check everything before booking.

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Best European Airlines:

There are more than 62 European economic companies, and in the next lines we will mention the most prominent and months and the best of them, with some details and information about them:


It is second only to Ryan Air, although it is the oldest, but it is distinguished from it because it uses the main airports rather than secondary. Its base is in London, Luton Airport in particular, with many points of departure, but most notably Stansted Airport and Gatwick Airport, as well as points of departure outside the UK, notably in Paris, France, Berlin, Germany and Madrid. Spanish.

With a total of 35 million passengers a year using more than 260 lines, serving more than 70 destinations, and if you create an account on its website you will have better features than booking a guest.


Europe’s largest economic airline and a pioneer in the industry, has huge bases in both London and Dublin, as well as its own airport in the German city of Han.

At least 65 million passengers are using 800 routes for flights with nearly 200 aircraft and 26 destinations. These lines are easy to book and deal with, and are the cheapest of all economic lines.

German Wings (GermanWings)

Of the European economic airlines purchased by Lufthansa, has a head office at the Cologne-Bonn Airport, as well as a number of other locations in the same country, Stuttgart Airport, Berlin Airport, Hamburg Airport and Dortmund Airport.

With nearly 20 million passengers and 26 aircraft and 70 European destinations flying to about 70 airports in Europe.

Air Berlin (AirBerlin)

Is ranked third in the volume of discounts on flights, which is the second largest European-German economic airline, has a head office at Berlin Tegel German airport and several other branches.

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