Berlin the ultimate tourist guide


Berlin, the German capital is a worldwide center for politics, finance, business and rich cultural heritage.

Berlin can be described as the city between now and then.

The city has gone through different stages and eras of greatness and weakness as well since 1873 it has been the capital of Germany and its largest city. The city now offers an elegant mix of the intense entertainment, shopping, finest architecture and art as Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in addition to hundreds of galleries and museums.

In this article, we will show you the best attractions to visit and some ultimate expert tips to save you money, time and effort to make the best of your travel to Europe’s most rich city.

1.Brandenburg Gate

This is the most accurate monument which presence of the soul of Berlin and German culture, where it was built as to equalize the arc de triumph in Paris and modeled on the Acropolis in Athens, it was built for King Frederick Wilhelm II in 1791 as the first Neoclassical structure.

It is 26 meters high, with its famous four-horse chariot. It is formed of six columns forming five passages. The gate has witnessed a great number of famous visitors such as President Barack Obama Bill Clinton and the German leader Angela Merkel

In 1999 The Polish leader Lech Walesa walking through it to celebrate the demolishing of The Berlin Wall in 1989.


2.The Museum Island

The museum island is a part of Berlin which includes the most important and the oldest museums in whole Germany starting with the old Museum which was built in 1830.

old museum of the Crown Jewels and many royal treasures it includes also the new Museum built in 1850 the National Gallery built in 1876 and the Bode Museum built in 1904.

There are a lot of museums in the museum island that you will not be able to visit him them on a single trip so make sure to visit them the Pergamon Is contains a lot of amazing reconstructed historic building, especially from the Middle East.


3.The Berlin Wall memorial

After the German defeat in the World War II,  the Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to separate the eastern part and the western part of the City from each other and so prevent refugee flood from East to West.

It was still down in 1989 and now only small parts of this wall are still standing covered by graffiti drawings including a part of 1.4 kilometers in length called the Berlin Wall memorial.

The best attractions there is the Marienfelde refugee center Museum it shows the history of one and half a million people who passed through Berlin as refugees.

Museum Haus Am Checkpoint Charlie is also a great place to visit where it was the best-known crossing point between east and west parts of Berlin and it shows artifacts and art pieces tracing the history of human rights and suffering of German people in this era.


4.TV Tower (Fernsehturm)

Do the tallest structure built in Germany with a height more than the 650 feet.You can get to the top of the building buy a very fast elevator. It only takes it in 40 seconds and if you are hungry, you can have a snack up there at the rotating sphere restaurant.

 You can enjoy from the top of the building the panoramic view of the whole city of Berlin.

Some customers complain that the tickets are overpriced but you can save some money vipers chasing the tickets online in advance. if you have Berlin welcome card you will also enjoy a discount on your ticket.

All experienced tourists said that the view up there is a must-see.

The TV tower is available from 9 11 p.m. and it changes with the season.


5.Zoologischer Garten Berlin

The main zoo in Berlin it’s considered attraction for family tourists and residents as well.

They zoo Shows more than 17000 animals including the most famous ones as lions, beers and roadrunners.

If you like the zoo and going to spend a day in it you could buy the combined ticket to save you a good sum of money, and give you the access to all the zoo facilities including the aquatic show.

The zoo tickets vary from 7.5 euros for children to €15  for adults.

There’s always generally opened from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it varies with the season and according to weather state.


6.Unter den Linden

The street which is its name is translated as under the lime trees Avenue is the most famous street in Berlin and it offers a wonderful spot to relax in its wide pedestrian area and take your breath in the busy live city.

Landmarks of the Avenue include the Opera House, St. Hedwig’s Cathedral, the Arsenal, and Gendarmenmarkt.


7.Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The most famous church in Berlin it combines the modern artistic design built in 1961 and the remaining of the old original church including the 63-meter high tower.

It was built in 1895 in honor of  William I. The original building was destroyed in 1943 during the Second World War. The church serves as a memorial for war as well as a place for prayer.

You can participate in a guided tour and all the visitors can contribute to Sunday services.


8.Berlin Cathedral Church

The cathedral church is famous for its unique design what is 75 meters high Dome and it’s old bill built in 1532 and it was finally finished in 1905.

The largest church in Berlin is divided into three main sections which are the Memorial Church, the Baptismal and Nuptial Church, and the Parish Church.

The highlights of visiting the church include the Imperial staircase and the Imperial gallery with the view area below the dome and also seeing monuments from 16th to the 20th century.

It’s a good idea to visit the church at one of its many concerts or music services.

Don’t miss climbing the steps to the door to have a superb view of the Museum Island

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