Air Europe and completion of online travel procedures and baggage policy


Complete online travel procedures

E-ticket travelers on European flights have the option of completing online travel procedures 24 hours before departure time in or outside the United States. From other airports, the passenger can complete the procedure within 48 hours to 60 minutes.

Baggage policies

Economy class passengers are allowed a travel allowance of up to 23 kg.Economy class passengers are allowed to travel up to 23 kg of maximum baggage, either to or from Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Peru. These areas are not included in this rule: Malaga, Alicante, and Valencia.

The Dominican Republic allows two travel bags weighing up to 23 kg to the maximum. Except for these destinations: Malaga, Alicante and Valencia.

Economy class passengers from or to Brazil allow up to 23 kg of travel baggage to the maximum
Business Class passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 23 kg of travel tickets for local flights only.

Business Class passengers are allowed 3 travel packages with a maximum weight of 23 kg for international flights only.

Business Class passengers are allowed to travel up to 23 kg of maximum travel per person, for trips to or from the United States only.

Members of the following alliances are allowed: Elite Plus, SUMA or SkyTeam Elite
The baby is allowed one bag weighing 10 kg.

Economy Class passengers have a handbag weighing up to 10 kg.

Business Class passengers have a 14 kg / h hand bag for trips to local areas or Europe only.

Business class travelers have a weight of up to 18 kg for one, only for international flights
Europe’s first class, tourist and business class services
economy class
Get large size seats with the ability to expand at a certain cost
Provide multiple types of foods
Be able to shop on board
Entertainment with different types of newspapers and magazines
Get entertainment system
business class
Access to the VIP lounge at the airport
Have access to a private office
Get bags more quickly
Entertainment of the latest programs and movies
Enjoy delicious meals

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