The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi has launched the new international promotional campaign “A series of exceptional tales” aimed at enhancing the Emirate’s reputation and introducing its tourism potential on a wider scale.

The “Extraordinary Tales” campaign is the culmination of the success of Abu Dhabi’s tourism identity over the last two years, attracting record numbers of visitors.

The campaign aims to highlight Abu Dhabi as a world-class destination, to introduce its tourism potential on a wider scale and to establish its reputation as a unique entertainment, commercial and cultural destination by highlighting inspiring experiences and amazing stories beyond expectations.

The marketing campaign focuses on a new set of films depicting real people living in the emirate, embodying the emirate’s original lifestyle and its rich diversity of rich experiences.

These people were chosen to express Abu Dhabi’s identity and provide a realistic picture of this destination. Each selected character targets a specific segment of visitors and encourages travelers to visit Abu Dhabi to conduct stories of their own.

In an effort to document the wide variety of available experiences and provide a “realistic” perspective, the first film of this group is presented by “Fatima Ambassador” Fatima Al Hamli, the owner of the UAE camel, and the first participation in camel festivals and camel auctions in the UAE. Kikati, nicknamed the “Speed ​​Champion” in his constant pursuit of suspense wherever he is.

Through these two figures, the amazing diversity of Abu Dhabi’s original activities and experiences is evident, followed by two others that will be unveiled later this year and portray different people.

“This initiative is an important step in the Emirate’s commitment to make Abu Dhabi a world-class destination,” said Saif Saeed Ghabash, Undersecretary of the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, adding that the content of the films will enhance the success of this campaign and expand its impact on a global level.

“Our goal is to develop the methods we use to spread our message so that we can reach the audience with full credibility by addressing their feelings and feelings in the first place,” Ghobash said.

“We are proud to present a true picture of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which today is a source of inspiration for the entire world,” said Steve Kopstik, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at the Department of Culture and Tourism.

He emphasized that the aim of these “voices” is to provide real bridges of communication, which helps the visitor to discover the originality of the place himself, and inspired stories narrated, and the memories of dear invite him to repeat the visit time after time.

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