about us

Who are we ?

Traveloker is a leading tourist destination in the organization of internal and external flights. It is the source of the trust of its customers. It always aims to reach the satisfaction of its customers and is the first reference in travel. The company provides extensive services covering many countries in the world. Wherever you go you will find us the best

Company Vision:


Permanent presence within the early, elite, and distinguished through our constant commitment to non-observance and imitation of others and the continuity of creativity and excellence in the provision of our tourism services

Company Message:

To serve our homeland and be proud of it and through permanent excellence and the level of quality of tourism services we offer

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The satisfaction of God Almighty and observance of its limits is the Constitution and methodology of the company

Take full responsibility and not repudiate them

Leadership, self-denial and teamwork

Transparency and constant self-questioning

The goals of the company

Proficiency and excellence in all the services we offer
Ensuring that the best team members are included

Strengthen the capacity of the team to study continuously and take advantage of our existing expertise

Create an innovative environment to get the best results without considering the surrounding circumstances

Provide the highest level of quality of service without regard to the material return

To develop future plans and work towards achieving them in order to ensure continuity of creativity and create a spirit of competition and constant optimism in the team

The company’s departments

Department of Internal Tourism

Department of Foreign Tourism

Aviation Section

Tourism Transport Section

We are the result of an idea more than 10 years old

We are just a dream of a group of ambitious young people who are not traditional

We have developed our style and the way we have studied and gained experience as tourism for Line is not just a job

Over the years we have studied and applied studies on our occupation

We all started from scratch, in large tourism companies, and we worked hard to achieve our dream, and each one of us had a role

In addition, we include in the promotions to the extent we got to administrative positions, the only condition that he is aware is that he is always the number one in his company

In short, you can say that we are a group of cadres, or an elite team

Do not miss the opportunity to benefit from our experiences by enjoying your trip with us