5 Ultimate spots to enjoy in Tokyo

Tokyo the capital of Japan and the City with 13 million people living in it.  It is not just where The Emperor’s Palace is situated, The parliament and The Japanese government but it is also one of the world’s most modern cities in terms of design and transportation system.

The city contains the vast majority of the Japanese cultural heritage and museums, festivals and theatres.

The worst thing about Tokyo is that it is the most expensive city in the world. This is because a large number of people trying to fit in a very crowded area. The prices of accommodation and attractions are not the cheapest but we will get you some tips to save some money and have the best experience in the Japanese land.

We will also show you at this article must-see attractions, so let’s get started.


1.Ginza District

The largest and oldest shopping Area in Tokyo it resembles the Times Square in New York.

The district is centuries old and it has been the city trade center for ages. It was also the meeting point of the five ancient roads of Japan. These roads used to connect the country’s major cities.

You can just have a walk between traditional shops or stop for coffee in one of its restaurants.

The ideal time for shopping in the area is at weekends where the traffic is banned and the whole district becomes a pedestrian zone lightened by neon lights emitted from gigantic advertisement panels. It is our turn to enjoy affordable shopping and bargains.

If you do not like shopping you can attend traditional performances as Kabuki and  Azuma-Odori dances in theatres like the famous  Kabuki-za Theatre and the Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre.


2.Tokyo National Museum


The best live source if you want to learn a bit more about the Japanese history. The museum contains More than 100000 pieces of art and artifacts that display the whole history of the Japanese nation.

The most amazing pieces in the museum include samurai armor and swords -the best-, delicate pottery, and calligraphy.

This Museum and other important Tokyo attractions offered English translations.

The museum is so rich with art and Ancient and facts are that you need an entire day to get through it all.

If you don’t have the time it is good to decide and to determine the parts you’ll be visiting before starting your journey.

Eating the museum is not going to be a problem because it is situated near to multiple metro stations and the closest ones are Uguisudani and the Ueno metro station.

The museum is an affordable spot where it costs 6$ for adults.

It is opened to visitors from 9.30 a.m to 5 p.m. but closed on Monday.

The Ueno Park is a good place to hang out in the fresh air with your lunch after the museum tour.The park is a large city landmark which includes a zoo, The National Museum of Nature and Science, a fascinating pond equipped with rowboats and plenty of lively green space and the National Museum of Western Art.



An island rising out of the water in the near of downtown of Tokyo like the Legendary Atlantis. This small island is situated on the Tokyo Bay.

It includes much catchy architecture and multiple attractions such as the amazing Fuji Television building and other attractions such as the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty and many amusement parks.

The place is suitable for children and adults as well, where the kids can enjoy endless options of games and you can also watch one of the largest Ferris wheels in Mega Web go-karts.

Do not miss great spots as Legoland Discovery Center, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Decks Tokyo and the beach of the island to relax and have some fun.

the Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari is a must go place. It is formed of a park built around a number of hot springs. You can wear traditional yukata robes and put your feet in one of 13 baths available.

The people who visited Odaiba argue that the most sensational event there is the view across the water. At night the view even becomes better as the Rainbow Bridge lightens the sky with glorious colors.

The multiple places to visit at Odaiba shows that it is difficult to see it all in a single day.

You may need to schedule more than a day not to miss the best sights in Tokyo. Another good thing is that it is open every day at any time. The multiple metro stations in the area make it easy to reach and leave including  Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon and Odaiba-kaihinkoen stations.

The shopping is recommended as multiple brand stores are available. On the other hand, swimming is not advised at the Odaiba beach.


4.Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


Tokyo is a city full of skyscrapers that provide a breathtaking look of the sky. The best thing about Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Tower is that it is free. A 202 meters height observatories are the highest place you can reach in Tokyo without having to pay a sum of yens.


The experience is great not only because of the free admission but also it has fewer lines, helpful staff, speedy elevator and wide time range. The view from the top offers a 360-degree view of the city and it is incredible if you want to spend some time there. In a clear day, tourists reported seeing Mount Fuji on the distance. The best time to visit is at sunset. You will be witnessing the day to night transition. This scene is described as the time when Tokyo comes to life.

The observatories up there have different working hours where the south observatory is open from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm while the north one stays late and closes at 11 pm.

The tower is easily reached by metro and the nearest station is Nishi-Shinjuku.

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